Double Jeopardy ★★★

Watched this edited for content and I’m pretty sure in the wrong aspect ratio on a tv in my girlfriend’s aunt’s basement in Greektown. Flipped to a Home Improvement marathon on another channel during commercials. Great experience!

Anyway, not to sound too much like Charli XCX in being nostalgic for a thoroughly mediocre time to be alive, I found myself charmed while watching what would be considered the epitome of “workmanlike” Clinton-era potboilers. If anything I was impressed by the seeming freedom allowed by a medium-sized budget; be it in the sheer amount of vehicular destruction on display (something it shares with another thriller of the time, the albeit far less successful and more idiosyncratic Jade) or the atmospheric third-act venture to New Orleans where the movie suddenly becomes Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It was nice to see a relatively expensive genre object without the self-importance or bloat of a premium-cable procedural like The Night Of.

Maybe in 2039 while living under the 12th year of Prime Minister Doug Ford, I’ll feel the same warm bath sensation when stumbling upon a James Wan-produced horror movie or Disney live-action remake.

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