It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two ★★

One of the most inept studio movies I’ve seen in a long time, Muschetti has zero idea how to build a sequence, relegating every 30 seconds to the same jump scare involving bad digital effects. And worst of all, at three hours not a single scene breathes, even the childhood material, which the film becomes so laughably precious about that it triggered memories of Spielberg’s execrable Twilight Zone: The Movie segment, Kick the Can. 

Stephen King doing the Stan Lee cameo clearly signals this thing going into numbing superhero movie territory, and it made me just a little sad to realize that even my favourite genre could be moulded into Marvel overkill.

That being said, I’ll generously give this two stars because I did enjoy seeing James Ransone (the discount Ryan Gosling, or worse, Ben Foster) get the rare chance to mug up a storm as well as Bogdanovich appearing in a movie he wouldn’t watch with a gun pointed at his head. Also, a crane shot of a marquee featuring Stephen Hopkins’ beautiful Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, just so you can remember what real baroque fantasy-horror looks like.

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