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  • Weekend
  • Cabaret
  • Carrie
  • Law of Desire

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  • Plena Stellarum


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  • Sound from the Deep


  • Saltburn


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  • Plena Stellarum

    Plena Stellarum


    Hypnotic but in a bad way. Effective but in a bad way. A bad childhood memory of a video game you saw your older cousins playing in some dark basement rumpus room. Polybuis vibes.

  • May December

    May December


    Charles Melton acting his fat fucking lips off between two she-monsters both giving Rubiks cube performances, threatening, manipulative,  tailor-made for the gays but also objectively great in my opinion (a gay). the horror creeps in so sneakily I didn’t realize how horrifying the whole thing is until THOSE scenes in act 3. Tybee Island is a weird place!

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  • Getting Closer

    Getting Closer


    [Shameless self promotion]

  • Barbie



    Ofc I liked it but I have complicated feelings about it which alienates me from the rest of my lgbtq peers but anyway Hi Barbie