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  • Zootopia



    A movie about a rabbit who becomes a pig

  • My Name Is Julia Ross

    My Name Is Julia Ross


    Shockingly, terrifyingly relevant. Welcome to being a woman!

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  • Tangerine



    The lives of people who live on the margins are extremely difficult, but they're also full of moments of beauty, of grace, of humor. Often, marginalized people are forced to make these moments ourselves, to find beauty in the abject, to laugh at the all the bullshit. "God gave me a penis. That's pretty damn cruel, don't you think?" Sin-Dee casually quips. We have to make the best of things, and we have to do it for ourselves, because the…

  • Carol



    The first things Therese notices are Carol's fingers and her beautifully painted nails. The camera holds on those nails with the light glinting off of them. There's a longing that at first is unfamiliar and hesitant - the camera is not quite centered on Carol's hands, but they are clearly in focus, like when you are looking at something but trying to look away. That first meeting in the store before Carol (intentionally?) leaves her gloves behind is filled with…