Dark Waters ★★★★

haynes’ characteristic thoughtfulness is here, even though parts feel like the result of someone else calling the shots (markus “the buffalo” ruffalo perhaps?). where it works is showing the physical devastation wrought by dupont; parkersburg looks like a warzone. ruffalo can’t get away from playing the downtrodden hero in order for the full character to emerge, which hurts the impact of the later victories somewhat. but when he’s buried in documents, circling words on corporate memos, the movie is at its best.

i did enjoy tim robbins’ corporate defense lawyer version of doing the right thing. “american business is better than this!” my dude, you defend chemical companies. and it's all a part of this bleakness of this movie, even with its occasional touches of hope. it's a dark world where corporations are always going to win, even when they lose.

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