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  • Bao


    Sometimes, all you need is a simple story with really really charming and hilarious character design because, seriously, the character design (and accompanying facial animation) made each scene of Bao about ten times funnier

  • The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

    The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

    Shows the beginning of Ari Aster’s fascination (that would eventually lead to Hereditary) with family as a mechanism to trap people with toxic monsters and as a source of horror rather than one of safety and true love

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  • Stoker



    It seems that any other director would not be able to handle Stoker's subject matter without making it feel gratuitous. Chan-wook Park somehow manages to handle Stoker's deeply disturbing material, but makes it so beautiful. I had not expected to be as put-off by some of the material in this film, but because it is all handled with such grace I found it a lot easier to get over.

    There is a predator/prey motif apparent in Stoker that is very…

  • Rashomon



    My life will be defined by pre-Rashomon and post-Rashomon.