Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

I love this film for one small reason in particular; Four Lions is now a film that stars an Oscar nominated actor. What a funny old world it can be.

On the surface, Sound of Metal is a film about hearing loss, but to describe it as just that would be a disservice. It's operating on so many levels, playing with sound and the lack of it in so many creative, affecting ways. It grapples with the uncontrollable nature of life, and how we are forced, one way or another, to adapt around whatever is thrown our way. You are pulled into this heart-wrenching situation thanks to smart, detailed direction and some really brilliant performances. Best of all of them is Riz Ahmed, a British actor I'm so happy to finally see getting recognition. Every emotion is subtly and powerfully painted across his face - the anger, frustration, fear, determination, stubbornness, despair. The film takes the time to make you understand his struggles and mistakes, making each moment of his journey feel all the more resonant. Also excellent is Olivia Cooke (as always), and especially so Paul Raci, earning a well deserved Oscar nomination himself. This is probably the best film I've seen of the 2020 awards crop so far - a moving masterclass of acting with a forceful impact.