The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas ★★

This feels like a film made purely for the pun in the title. 

Okay, I’m gonna be honest, this one’s bad. It’s schmaltzy, cliched cheese, with dreary dialogue and laughably ridiculous situations. It seems to exist in that weirdly perfect world so many of these Netflix originals do, like they’re all part of the most overly positive cinematic universe ever. I can’t really defend it as a coherent, engaging story. But, in keeping with honesty, I have to say I did also largely enjoy it. It’s just so full of Christmas goodwill, and mostly very well-meaning in its messages, that I found it hard to dislike. Sir Cole is just as charming to us as he is to those around him, and Hudgens as Brooke is equally as amiable. It’s not really their fault that the film they’re in is so weak. It’s got elements of ‘so bad it’s good’. I mean it really does get ridiculous sometimes, but always with an almost stupid amount of sincerity that somehow makes it amusing. It’s definitely not anything to write home about, and doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever, but for a crappy Netflix rom-com it’s more fun than you’d expect.