Favorite films

  • Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son
  • Tropical Malady
  • Table
  • Song 27 (Part II) Rivers

Recent activity

  • Chafed Elbows


  • Babo 73


  • Fist Fight


  • Horse Over Tea Kettle


Recent reviews

  • Song 16

    Song 16


    Sixteen, (perhaps the most successful of the whole series) is a simple and poignant love song, an adagio pas-de-deux set between two nocturnal landscapes. –Jerome Hill

    SONG 16: The most beautiful of the series. Brakhage's characteristic calligraphy with the camera ceases; movements up and down, side to side give way to a pulsing movement back and forth, heartbeat and sexual thrust rather than gesture, the head alert upon the neck. Brakhage takes the fact that flowers are sexual organs and…