A Time for Drunken Horses

A Time for Drunken Horses ★★★½

Kurdish children in the brinks of a poor community without parents who take care of them, try to survive in an inhospitable and hostile world. They have to take care of a young brother around 5 who is physically disabled and very ill. They try to make money to pay for a necessary surgery for their brother. The oldest boy works for smugglers who transport tires from Iran to Irak and other things back. The recordings of the beautiful snowy mountains together with the badly dressed children are extremely impressing and got under my skin. The director managed to make the viewer empathize with the hard lives of the protagonists. The children are all amateur actors which gives an impression of watching a documentary. The movie impressed me in it´s hopelessness and cruelty and I didn´t enjoy watching it at all.

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