Shrew's Nest

Shrew's Nest ★★★★

Horroctober 2022 movie #45

In the last third rather bloody horrific familydrama.
It starts with a little girl explaining to us that she has difficulties sleeping after her big sister read her bedtime story. Her mother died during child birth and she feels guilty about it.
Then, there is a time gap and we watch the girl turn 18.

She lives alone with her old sister who is agoraphobic and hasn´t left the apartment for decades. The younger one goes to work and rund errands. While the older sister tries to keep the younger one under control with brutal methods, the younger one doesn´t want to accept this treatment anymore. But she isn´t ready yet to resist.

One day something happens that turns around both their lives completely.

While the situation appears almost harmless in the beginning the moie develops an increasing dynamic and impressive thrill.

Even though I guessed the relations early on the staging of this this posttraumatic disorder has been staged very well. All the actors are very good, especially Macarena Gómez as Montse is fantastic!

SHREW´S NEST is a Low-Budget-production (Unfortunately I couldn´t find out how much it actually was), filmed in only 22 days.

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