Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★½

"I think it's the serpentine belt, a guy told me it was cracked," says Wendy, meaning she has the information needed to forestall the final economic blow, prior to interacting with the rascally garage mechanic. Also, "My dog is back there"... hours later... "my dog is gone." Either Wendy doesn't have much common sense, or the film is diagramming the successive tragedies poorly. But Wendy is presented like such a levelheaded gal, the type that doesn't lose her cool even though she's secretly on the pilot for Worst Week Ever - which adds to the confusion about her situation, playing into Reichardt's political economic hounding - even a smart person can't succeed, equality is a mirage, the rules change for each economic subgroup, etc. Still, I was engrossed throughout, dejected as all hell during Wendy's final farewell to Lucy. But it's a weaker effort from Reichardt - she's blinded by her cause, i.e. the homeless guy's philosophical rant does not belong in a major work of American Realism. It almost took me out entirely.