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  • Cargo



    Starts out well, and watching Freeman in this is a treat, but ends up somehow feeling limited and unsatisfying, perhaps because it seems to promise more than what it delivers, which is essentially (for key stretches) a chamber drama. Still effective and rather clever. Side note that I always view this sort of portrayal of indigenous people, ascribing to them some sort of mystical and ill-defined "connection to the land" that serves as a plot mechanic to be kind of patronizing, but I could well be off-base.

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Not much need to wring one's hands about the politics of this: it's clearly expressing a common modern-day conservative viewpoint, viz. that of sympathy with older folks with outmoded racial politics who think of their lives as hard and themselves as decent. The complicating factor for 2018 cinephilia is that Zahler's third feature is also--like his first two--absolutely terrific, a thrilling, literate heist film with the droll character of BREAKING BAD (exemplified by the two-minute take in which Vaughn eats…

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  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


    Want to stab everybody.

  • Carol



    Not a doomed love story so much as a fragile one, forever susceptible to circumstance and others' cruelty and caprice -- and it's always so, isn't it, then as now, with anything we might long for that doesn't fit into prescribed, regimented boxes. Haynes captures the rhythms of new friendship and courtship, wise to the ways they can blend into one another, the ways small gestures become charged with meaning and desire. The lush, grainy cinematography and Carter Burwell's amazing…