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  • Widows



    Astonishingly bad -- McQueen has zero interest in making a heist film, and instead attempts to encapsulate like three seasons of a TV show in a weird two-hour romp. Nothing works--the portrayal of Chicago municipal corruption doesn't feel lived-in, instead just pitting stock characters against one another (even the presence of Brian Tyree Henry, who can do no wrong, doesn't help much), the relationships among the women protagonists seem pulled out of thin air (Viola Davis just shows up and…

  • Lifechanger



    Fun idea (reminiscent of David Mitchell's "Ghostwritten") and lots of ambition, but the acting is amateurish and the execution doesn't really make sense--people keep making inexplicable assumptions, acting on information they can't possibly have, etc. Good practical effects on a low budget, and McConnell is an evident talent, but reach exceeds grasp here by a fairly wide margin.

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  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


    Want to stab everybody.

  • Carol



    Not a doomed love story so much as a fragile one, forever susceptible to circumstance and others' cruelty and caprice -- and it's always so, isn't it, then as now, with anything we might long for that doesn't fit into prescribed, regimented boxes. Haynes captures the rhythms of new friendship and courtship, wise to the ways they can blend into one another, the ways small gestures become charged with meaning and desire. The lush, grainy cinematography and Carter Burwell's amazing…