Gloria ★★★★

Took about 30 seconds of post-film discussion to realize that this movie is a honking Rorscharch test: it's a character study of a lonely middle-aged woman, but what you think of her depends on how you read the merciless, darkly funny film. I'm convinced that Gloria is a fundamentally selfish, unkind person, and that the movie is about the universe repeatedly signaling that she needs to change that before she dies alone, unneeded, and unloved. Could list a litany of supporting evidence, but I'll settle for the second restaurant scene, in which she drops Rodolfo's phone in the soup and proposes a 10-day Cuban vacation -- immediately after he learns that his ex-wife is in the hospital with a serious injury. Anyone who faults Rodolfo for what he does next is a crazy person. Gloria is remarkable for how relatable and familiar it makes its protagonist while laying bare her faults in ways incisive and subtle.