Favorite films

  • Young and Healthy as a Rose
  • Minnie and Moskowitz
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • That Day, on the Beach

Recent activity

  • Birth of a Nation


  • Beau Is Afraid


  • American Honey


  • John Wick: Chapter 4


Recent reviews

  • Birth of a Nation

    Birth of a Nation


    David Leland understands how the system fucks up kids. Good workmanlike filmmaking all around -- it's no Made in Britain, but there was only one Alan Clarke.

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    Enjoyed this for about the first 45-60mins then the next two hours each had a good scene, surrounded by half-baked self-indulgence ranging from eyerolling twee meta-interludes to endless bludgeonings of Adult Swim style violence.

    Sorry, but with the observable demotion of movies within the "what to do with my time" landscape, I find it essential for filmmakers to make sure their extremely personal vision is on a base level ENGAGING an audience. Viewers don't have to "approve" of what they…

Popular reviews

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    A few nice moments and a deluge of middle brow pretense has everyone drinking the kool-aid on this! Wow the interplay of ideas between Chekhov and certain resonant experiences in the mildly tragic but also beautiful lives of these characters….bro we’re talking about a 10-minute car ride convo with nothing going on narratively or visually besides the slightest interrogation of storytelling, symbolism, memory and life-imitating-art with a sliver of mysterious implications regarding potential adultery. These matters are so unbelievably slight!…

  • Spree



    Had to watch it again for the zillionth time and it’s actually still pretty good lmfao
    Imagine the rating you, the presumably free-spirited filmlover, would give this if there was an A24 logo at the top... All these 2.5-3.5 star ratings WITH A HEART would become 4-4.5 stars with a heart. “I loved this...it was so dumb” or “I loved this, but I could see why people would hate it” would just be “I loved this!” without the imagined fear…