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  • Ramrod



    Helen of Troy on the Range
    Veronica Lake: Western Girlboss
    and we do like a happy ending!

  • Day of the Outlaw

    Day of the Outlaw


    Absolutely next-level trapped snowy western — with psychological depth about the depraved nature of manhood and the fragility of society — that plays out like myth. Clearly very influential to Peckinpah with whom de Toth enjoyed working a few years later in TV. The framing and camerawork so perfect and fluid. The black and white (which he fought for vigorously) complements the morality at play so beautifully. So glad I am going thru the de Toth filmography!

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  • Spree



    Had to watch it again for the zillionth time and it’s actually still pretty good lmfao
    Imagine the rating you, the presumably free-spirited filmlover, would give this if there was an A24 logo at the top... All these 2.5-3.5 star ratings WITH A HEART would become 4-4.5 stars with a heart. “I loved this...it was so dumb” or “I loved this, but I could see why people would hate it” would just be “I loved this!” without the imagined fear…

  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    My problem with all these Netflix docuseries - besides the fact that they could cut all the repetitive filler out and become exciting 2 hour long movies - is that everyone watches them for the zany “can you believe what they just did/said” characters and then 75% of the way thru they’re like “oh and btw everyone was always on meth. Moving right along...” NO! Obvi we knew the whole time every “kooky” decision was made while fucked up on…