BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Spike Lee is the one of the most unflagging American film artistes. Does his thing for better or worse— usually for better. 

All the obvious, hit-you-over-the-head analogies and references here will age really well imo. The long didactic sequences are as usual - quite powerful in his hands. The tension was palpable altho could have been ratcheted a bit more.

I kind of appreciate that Lee doesn’t double down on the pretty obvious internal dilemma of a black cop - could have made the character way more tortured to score easy character-building and melodrama points...but he didn’t — in fact none of the cops are very introspective at all - they’re all just arrogant brusque guys. That’s something Lee has consistently understand and portrayed about even his most sympathetic male characters, with the exception of maybe Malcolm X — but that introspection is a depicted as a revolutionary act by an exceptional man. Most men are not exceptional in that way. So it’s good that Ron Stalworth here doesn’t have some elevated interiority and protracted internal conflict.

Prob coulda been 15 mins shorter. Some of the steadicam operating was very sluggish and a few dialogue scenes unnecessary. Ending structure of main storyline anticlimactic but the coda felt earned. Excited for Spike’s next one.