Crimson Gold ★★★½

Can you really access the mindset of a homicidal/suicidal everyman?
Feel like Panahi/Kiarostami wanted to say yes but wound up answering no.
Consequently the movie is a mixed bag. Some great neorealistic revelatory moments.

A bunch of sequences that go on for too long and rely a bit too much on the leads solemn indifference. I definitely think the performances were strong as hell, it just seems unfair to approach inscrutability with an inscrutable lead -- I mean at the same time it seemed really easy to fill in those blanks of socio-economic frustration from minute 10. I guess we all understand  it - so is seeing it a bit like saying "water is wet?"

I think in fact my biggest issue was the big jump from the last long sequence at the rich guy's house, elliptically back to the start. I mean we're really missing 2-4 crucial scenes between these two that could get us significantly closer to seeing how he made this violent leap. We know he has a military history but violence really doesn't seem to be something he's capable of. I know we all have a snapping point, but that's what I was interested in seeing him arrive at and what I thought the movie was striving to deliver. Sure it upended my expectations - but at what cost and with what intent?