I, Tonya ★★★½

Derivative but undeniably muscular biopic. Some cheeseball 4th wall stuff that largely gets a pass due to strong performances that ooze duplicity and self-preservation. 

Truly wanted not to like it for all of the bald-faced copycat signifiers large and small, but the energy of reclaiming pop cultural history and the perceptive take on domestic abuse cycles were too solid.

The bad Margot Robbie cgi face-graft onto whoever was actually skating bothered me more than anything else and made me view the movie as cheap. Which potentially made me more impressed with the other elements.

Somehow 2017 turned out to be the year of the angry mom and Allison Janney was great in this one, in that she really wasn't allowed to exhibit a lot of range, yet you really got a lot from her. In fact this movie did a good job of having superficially one-note characters offer complex renderings without  overtly annoying wink wink irony...I think.

Soundtrack must have cost 1.5 million dollars, and music was mostly well-chosen, that it at least reflected its period and characters.