Our Story ★★★½

Watched nearly all of Blier’s films at home about 5 years ago, and fell in love with the idiosyncrasies as well as the flaws. Like Zulawski, he’s a 70s/80s auteur who benefits immensely from viewing in a theatrical experience. His absurdity, pacing, frustrations, repetitions, reversals, transgressions and obsessions are dependent upon the captive audience trapped in their seats with no opportunity to leave. 

Notre Histoire is only the second one I’ve seen theatrically, but I feel like I’m kinda over my Blier moment and this was not one of my faves anyway. Never liked how it copped out at the end to basically justify its bouts of madness and surrealism. It doesn’t really operate on a logic too different than the rest, but I guess this is like the sugar that helped it go down for French audiences? For my part I didn’t need it. 

Some indelible images and great music and fun performance from Nathalie Baye that made me think Jennifer Lawrence could still be a really good actress one day.