Paprika ★★★★½

More than any other "Happy Hooker" movie I've seen - this has a sense of visual style and a literary concept of melodrama and fortune which reveals a master filmmaker in top form. I didn't really know Tinto Brass was such a master filmmaker, but based on this viewing (an accidental download - as fate would have it / I'm sure you can imagine) I'm itching to devour the rest of his ouevre. There's a Verhoevian delight in a cruel world.
A Capraesque belief in the good-hearted folk. 
A Fassbinder-like attention to visual composition and complex layering 
Plus an editorial sensibility that seems all its own. 
In fact the first person who I can think of that puts forth a similarly cut dialectic is Russ Meyer, with whom Tinto Brass clearly shared more than just a cutting style.

Highly recommended looking forward to more. Note: there's a good amount of full frontal nudity here and a lot of misogynistic behavior (which is clearly being scrutinized/criticized)