The Happening

The Happening ★★★★

Wild and powerful cinema. Seems like it’s a bit misunderstood. The characterizations are arch camp depicting a world that is selfish, frivolous, willfully stupid and weak in light of nature’s murderous rampage. The signs are all there, yet we refuse to yield, change or even acknowledge what the root causes are. It really is a brilliant, scathing attack of civilization experiencing mother nature’s wrath without any of the large scale storytelling or deus ex machina heroics that characterize the conventional turn of the century disaster film. 

An absolute comedic nightmare from one of our real auteurs, that finds dweeb Wahlberg talking to plants in a panic. Zooey Deschanel’s performance is prob the biggest enigma in the film but it feels of a piece with the small town awww shucks energy that’s kinda coursing thru the world of the Happening. Based on the ratings here and reviews from that time the movie is due for a massive re-evaluation.