Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★

So much potential here sadly squandered
The filmmaking ambitious and chops are undeniable but features big and small destroy the brilliance hidden within. Don’t think it’s nitpicking to complain about the young leads inconsistent ny accent/Portman’s insane brogue as it helps reinforce the total disconnect between the two performances. Speaking of performances — the music was completely a forgettable non entity and the show at the end did a terrible job in presentation and emulation of actual arena pop concerts in set, wardrobe and energy.

I loved the interstitial sequences like the sped up dvcam footage in Stockholm and in general the first 45 mins of the movie had a tone and comedic tension I could believe in... then it completely went off the rails and not in a way that mirrored psychosis but more like wait are you a Marxist PhD candidate analyzing the commodity culture or literally a dumbass?! Like what is this character — just because you structurally provide a 17year ellipsis does not allow you to jam a bunch of transformative horseshit in. I wanna admire how extremely offputting the Portman performance is but I just can’t...

A lot of good slivers of ideas squandered on a lack of real interest in the humanity behind the characters...in which case there’s not nearly enough bite to the satire. 

It looked wonderful besides the concert at the end...