Welcome to L.A. ★★★★

Much better than the Altman-lite I remembered it being. Potentially that had something to do with my original viewing of a bad VHS transfer and this on nice looking 35mm print - because I did really like the look of the film: from the color tinted windshields, the strange angles for camera placement, sophisticated zooms that were not only Altmanesque but Fassbinderesque too. The costume and props also jumped out at me as full of ideas and energy. 

Unfortunately the music is too repetitive to be a strong backbone pastiche, ultimately becoming annoying in a few places you’d rather have it be emotional. A few of the actors are hammy bad, but overall the desperate pleas for love wherever you can get it and the endless manipulations people engage in with no self-awareness came off as pitiful and human, all too human. 

Loved the older female record exec. The first 25 mins of the movie where she is the central figure are def the most energetic and fun. More of her! Geraldine Chaplin often annoys me (as in the follow up Remember My Name) but here she strikes a perfect balance. Keitel was rocking good too, and I noticed his nice long nails which he used to good effect for Taxi Driver, shot around the same time.

Always thought this was Rudolph’s second best after Choose Me, even back when I liked this less. Opinion still holds. I’m glad the quad is doing this retro - Rudolph’s career makes a strong case that someone can be completely ignored and also overrated simultaneously. Still a few good-to-masterpiece films should be enough for an ouevre reassessment. I def need to check his country music collabos (Roadie, Songwriter) with my one-time boss Zalman King LOL