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  • The Forbidden Room

    The Forbidden Room

    Maddin's neurosis peaks into fluidly chaotic motions. Cinema that remembers itself, pushed to its most suggestive means by a farcical introspection on the obsessions and passions of the human condition.

  • Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fahrenheit 11/9


    Moore pastiche, systemic ailments and reactions presented in vignettes strung together by a flimsy thread. Shots fly all over the political spectrum, sometimes hitting memories and legacies still untainted in the public eye. A call for action against broad and undefined targets. Fever dream of a better tomorrow born out of an unbearable today.

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  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    The Turin Horse is an apocalypse. A physical one in the story, a metaphysical one for the real world in which it sits. Tarr has declared this will be his last film, one final howl into the void that eats at everything. The advance of the unrelenting gale, an equalizing force bent on annihilation, defines the ultimate challenge to survival. As it slowly eats away the world, responses are not homogenous. A band of wandering gypsies embraces it and celebrates…

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    Kiarostami lets innocence clash with experience, pitting selfless action against self-centered intentions in a moral cage match.
    Character building through tangible lessons learned in the environment of rural Iran, but universal in scope. Cultural baggage and human frustrations construct a minefield that Ahmed has to carefully navigate. Driven by an unwavering loyalty catalyzed by a mistake that needs reparation, Ahmed skirts the line of righteousness. In the end does a heroic act justify cheating and deceiving? If the system itself…