Cruella ★★★

this film exhales the word iconic. there are several scenes already remarkable in my head; emma stone fits perfectly this character. where's her new life now as THE cruella? please disney, give me a sequel!!! emma thompson is divine, i love how great she can be in the most different characters. of course the same formula of disney's live actions are being repeated, some things here and there always make the movies not so natural as they should be. cruella does well and relieves a lot of these. why? the emmas. what a pair. for the rest, i loved the costume designs. i was unaffected by any secondary character, too (not counting the dogs, they are totally amazing).

plus can someone explain me why i was waiting the whole time for cruella to talk directly to me? like… breaking the fourth wall… give me attention? come on she's extremely lovable 😿

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