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  • Herb & Dorothy

    Herb & Dorothy


    The Vogels had two rules when it came to buying art:
    1. The piece had to be affordable.
    2. It had to be small enough to fit in their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment .

    The Vogels are a humble New York couple who amassed one of the greatest Modern/Contemporary art collections of thousands and thousands of works. She was a librarian and he was a postal worker who were able to collect art by living simply and putting priority on art.…

  • God Bless America

    God Bless America


    Promising premise - horrible execution.

    This movie was overwrought with sanctimonious, and overbearing monologues by both title characters. I felt as though I was being given speeches written by some cultural anthropology graduate student who was trying to work out their thesis on pop culture - and this was their first draft.

    I wish so badly this was at least remotely funny - but every line was so overacted that it fell flat. I never laughed once.

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  • 300



    Racist - All non-Greek characters were painted out to be these effeminate, barbaric, monsters who were almost not even human.

    Sexist - The single female character's only option to help her country is to sleep with a powerful political figure and then betrayed and accused of being an adulterer.

    Homophobic - Making the enemies effeminate, and therefore weaker and "different," from the hyper masculine (but let's be real, super homoerotic) "heros."

    Ablest- The hunchbacked character is shown to be horribly…