The Matrix Reloaded ★★★★

i can understand where people start to get turned away by the Matrix installments given how much of a drag some of the more technical aspects can be but I still really liked this one quite a bit. 

where it can be a bit more plodding it packs a sense of true empathy i feel we didn’t see as much with our heroes in the first installment, Zion and the grown relationships give this reason of why its worth fighting at all, along with a definite sense of weight to the story.

plus, as an added bonus, the fight scenes absolutely rip in this one, the aged special effects are honestly just really fun to watch? and like, not even in an ironic way, just watching neo beat up hundreds of smiths or morpheus swing a katana on a truck, just total fun to watch,

not to mention the Wachowski’s really outdo themselves with some of the scenes here. i keep thinking of the club/rave scene in the first act, that muted green which permeates every clunky piece of tech, just really kicks ass. 

cant wait to check out the final installment, as muddled as it may be

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