Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

"Oh my goodness!"

That quote isn't in the film. It's what I heard over 50 times from the women next to me anytime anything happened in this film (rant over, might go over it in the comments).

The 9th film by Quentin Tarantino is upon us and I can say I was super excited to actually sit in a theater to watch it because I have never been able to see one of his films on the big screen. And oh boy did I like the heck out of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The reason I liked this so much was because it is essentially an amalgamation of everything Tarantino does right in his films rolled into a film about Hollywood and the film industry in the 60's. Tarantino definitely made this film to pay homage to the era which I can assume has been a big influence on some of his other work. As I have said already this film has taken Tarantino trademarks and found interesting ways to fit them in. Monologues, extreme violence, driving scenes, great use of songs, memorable characters, dark humor, and of course feet shots all fit in to this almost 3 hour feature. I didn't notice the runtime whatsoever. but I am sure many will.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have great chemistry and are easily the best characters of the film. However, I am sad to say Margot Robbie was underutilized like many have said, but I can understand it a little bit considering the circumstances and the character (Sharon Tate) she plays. All the other usual suspects and cameo type actors are good as well.

My favorite thing about this film is that it does feel different from a typical Tarantino film in some ways and I definitely have a theory on why, but I won't get into it because there would be spoilers. I will say that this might be his most personal film, and this contains a scene that I think may be one of his best in that regard. Overall, I want to go see this again asap to have a better experience and because I really did like it a whole lot. However, I will end by saying that if you don't like Tarantino, this will probably not change your mind although this might be his most accessible film to date.

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