Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

“Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying.”

There is not one certain way this film wants you to feel. It is at times charming and innocent, intense and sporadic, dreamy and quiet, heartbreaking and devastating. I think that is what makes this such an experience. You are always led to believe one thing and then the film will turn itself on it’s head and surprise viewers that don’t expect to be led where this film goes. Did I know it would be very emotional? Of course. But did I think it would really get me worked up over these character? Not at all. However, I think more effective is the way that the director sprinkles in various themes and ideas that are very in line with spiritualism, dreams, time, and nature. I absolutely love it. 

“The dream I must have had I can never recall... but the sensation that I have lost something lingers for a longtime after In wake up.”

The approach of utilizing a familiar experience we as humans experience in dreams is executed greatly here. The characters think they are dreaming and like in real life, they sometimes do not know how they feel about it. The only thing they are aware of is the connection they feel with one another as they have the experiences. As the film progresses they find out that what is happening becomes more of an extraordinary reality than a mere dream. I like this approach especially the timeline of events in the film because not everything is fully explained and the viewer is just supposed to go along with the characters. And it isn’t until later that everything is revealed and the reality of the situation is not what it originally was. 

The braided cords that we make are the god’s art and represent the flow of time itself.. They twist, tangle, sometimes unravel, break, and then connect again.”

I completely get and love the idea of the braid. It is both a symbol of love and connection and a literal physical representation of time in this film. I don’t want to go on further, but here it is like an artifact that is for the longest time lost and held by one, and when reconnected with it’s original creator, it represents the loss of mysticism and innocence. It is hard to explain, but this is the most interesting aspect of the more unique ideas going on in this film. It is also a truth of the love and bond that truly transcends space and time. Something that is a bit of cliche phrase, but here is a legitimate pondering that is brought up.

“I was always searching... searching for someone.”

I think the romance in this strikes the perfect balance of being convincing because the characters are longing for something, but it is even clearly stated that it isn’t;t a relationship. What both characters seemingly want is to find more of themselves and grow into who they want to be. This is just a value that is shared by both the characters and they both help each other out in finding what is missing in their lives. This shared value is also what connects them. I think most people will be unconvinced of the love in this, but I do think it is perfect because it isn’t typical and by the end we do not really know what lies ahead. Neither do the characters.

Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.”

I really do think this an incredible portrait of love and self-discovery. The elements of nature and the spiritual self are also very present in this and I haven’t seen a film tackle it quite as beautifully as this. There is also a lot of reflect on at least for me personally and I think this was the perfect time to view this. I can only say that I really did love this and I will be thinking about it for a while and I can only hope not a single frame of it will fade away from my memory.

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