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  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    Although the story was a bit lacking, it was definitely elevated by everything else. Great atmosphere, cinematography, production design, etc. I think it would be a great one to watch around Halloween.

  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    I had a grand ol time watching this. Just a good old-fashioned, fast-talking heist movie. It’s been like a week since I actually watched it so I can’t think of any specifics, but it was great fun.

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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I loved this. A fun new take on a time loop without ever mentioning GD. They took good advantage of the idea and all the humorous potential it has, but surprisingly didn’t get repetitive. The (perhaps unintentional) strategy of releasing this via streaming platform when many people are stuck at home, where every day feels exactly the same and you lose all sense of time and memory, is genius. Case in point: I’m writing this days after I actually watched…

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    I think what I like the most about this is how riveting it is without being flashy or showy. Like nobody’s going for Oscar Bait performances or anything, they’re just playing these people as everything unravels around them and you don’t want to look away. Really great work from everybody, from the writing all the way to the score (which I really loved). Thanks for breaking up the monotony of quarantine, HBO.