Underwater ★★★★

Alien + Gravity + grindylows + Cthulhu

Surprisingly competent and entertaining. They just dive right into it (pun intended) and don’t stop for too much stuff to get in the way.

Other movies of this type might be tempted to cram in attempts at exposition to explain every tiny detail, but I appreciated that they kept going and only gave contextual clues as to what was happening. Who cares why monsters are attacking and whether or not the captain knew? You just need to gtfo. It creates a nice sense of immediacy by keeping your concerns with the crew’s concerns and not a wider story.

For that matter the crew was all believable, didn’t make stupid choices, and generally acted like responsible, reasonable adults. Kristen Stewart was great and I liked her pseudo-Ripley. Vincent Cassell is always a good choice, and even TJ Miller kept a decent lid on it and wasn’t an obnoxious asshole, which was nice.

I’ve written way too much about this. It was a good, tight movie to punch up a quarantined Friday night.