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  • Paul Sanchez is Back!

    Paul Sanchez is Back!


    Spent half an hour trying to find a decent excerpt from the Mazuy overview that I wrote for MUBI Notebook, but, ultimately, I couldn’t find anything that made sense to snip out. Not sure what that says about my piece or about Mazuy; I can say, however, that she’s a significant figure, rather unlike her peers, and worthy of more attention in the anglophone world than she’s received to date (virtually none.) That makes Lincoln Center’s retro, which runs this weekend, a major cinephile event. If you’re in New York, make time for these movies. If you’re not, know where to look.

  • The Nada Gang

    The Nada Gang


    Wrote on Jean-Patrick Manchette, his novel Nada, and Chabrol’s adaptation for MUBI Notebook. Easily the most fun I’ve had with a piece this year.

    Nada is first and foremost a novel of action, and although Chabrol was by this point a practiced genre hand, his particular thriller mode requires that violence be delayed when possible and, more distressingly, abjured entirely on occasion. Chabrol is most comfortable with fluid inaction. Manchette, despite picking up a camera only once before promptly putting it right back down, is probably the best action director ever produced by France’s cinema culture, broadly defined.

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    The problem with the giallo reclamation project is that if you’re the type of person who cares about this material in the 21st century, you’re probably the wrong type of person to do something with it. Forzani, Cattet, et al. are too academic to tap into the genre's Delphic clumsiness, and Strickland's emotional intelligence is hopelessly sophisticated. Gialli demand a little divine stupidity. Yann Gonzalez is, apparently, the right kind of idiot (Guadagnino, for the record, is decidedly the wrong…