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  • Trap for the Assassin
  • Les capricieux
  • Equation to an Unknown
  • Yokohama BJ Blues

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  • Herostratus


  • Zeros and Ones


  • Bye Bye Barbara


  • Hawaiian Dream


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  • Mirage



    “The emotion we must ask of the adventure novel is, contrary to that awakened by poetry, the emotion of awaiting something, of not yet knowing everything, of being led as close as possible to the edge of what does not yet exist.” - Jacques Rivière

  • Introduction


    Annual Hong correspondence with Sean Gilman, at MUBI Notebook:

    I keep turning Introduction over in my mind in an attempt to find some desirable flaw that might bend the clear, unceasing winter light for a moment, that might throw the film into a generative kind of darkness, into my own dreams. Then again, I’ve always been bad at taking naps. The real keeps winning out. I feel rather like that woman at the beginning who asks Youngho’s father, “Why won’t it get better?” only to have the doctor reply, “It might just be your constitution.”

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