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  • The Mortuary Collection

    The Mortuary Collection


    Cool Halloween anthology flick with high production value, good cinematography, acting, costumes and effects but the stories were just OK. The first one, was terrible and I thought "oh no here we go again" but the others were much better with the last one been the best.
    Fun moment: Most of the stories are predictable and it was funny watching a main character saying that "the stories are predictable".

  • Terrified



    I give 5 stars for the first half of the movie and zero stars for the other half, so if my math are correct, it's 2.5/5 star rating from me. The first half is great, the first two or three scares are dark, brutal and scary, the mystery is intriguing and I was on the edge of my seat but as it progressed the scares became from lame to laughable and the story unfolded to be a mess. Imagine your football club winning 2-0 on the first half and losing the game 2-3 on the second, that's how I felt with this film.

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  • Yummy



    Well, that was a pleasant surprise. A juvenile over the top horror comedy with lots of absurd and wtf moments. Is it all good? Nope.
    The comedy parts really worked for me (most of the jokes are about sex, the rest are belittling and insulting the same character over and over again) and I enjoyed the writing with its funny lines, likeable and hateable characters, unexpected moments and twists, but I didn't enjoy the horror parts. I didn't like the…

  • Useless Humans

    Useless Humans


    I was tricked to watch this by a good review and the title, I thought there would be jokes and references about how useless humanity is but no, there isn't any. This is a horror comedy with no horror and no comedy, everything here is by the numbers, the story, the characters, the dialogue, even the acting, we've seen it all before (done better) one million times, and the cinematography feels like a TV show, well, not just the cinematography, it feels like an episode of a Sunday afternoon show, the only thing missing is the canned laughter. Wasted my time, useless humans.