Harakiri ★★★★★

Harakiri is about two hours and fourteen minutes of uncontaminated mystery/ suspense-driven domination. This samurai classic capers abroad its tale unlike anything else in cinematic existence, bleeding its reveals through evoking flashbacks, heated, verbal narratives, and hairsplitting symbolic portraits. 

I didn't expect Harakiri to be such a bold stance on the hypocritical flaws hidden among the ancient Japanese warrior traditions. It's beyond praiseworthy. Additionally, the closing battle's deviant, ingeniously choreographed ramification will have you and any other witness unreservedly floored

Verdict: A+

Update: This Movie is Placed at #32 on My List: My Top 44 Favorite Movies of All-Time

Tatsuya Nakadai's performance is also worth mentioning. He's a truly pivotal actor. 

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