Once Upon a Time
 in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time
 in Hollywood ★★★★

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Things I caught onto this time around:

• I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that’s so wholesome yet violent at the same time. 

• There are more feet in this movie than there are needles in Trainspotting.

• Sharon Tate’s character is not wasted in this movie. The purpose of her being in this is to shine a light on her likable, human persona that often gets overshadowed in the media revolving around the Tate Murders.

• This is truthfully the most laid-back movie since The Big Lebowski.

• I never noticed Margot Robbie’s eye-color contacts until now. How bout you?

• This is officially the funniest movie of 2019 so far. Endlessly rewatchable comedies are hard to come by these days.

• I find it fascinating that two of my top favorite movies of the year—so far—have been a love-letter to Hollywood (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and a hate-letter to Hollywood (Under the Silver Lake). 

• I could’ve never imagined how oddly satisfying watching Brad Pitt drive around Los Angeles would be. 

• Don’t miss out on that Marvel post-credits scene!

🏅 Verdict Change: B+ —> A-

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