Spectre ★½

I don’t know? It has that same competent action-based and quippy direction as Skyfall which I mentioned before, but paired with that same kind of uninteresting, far-fetched, and bleak story and romantic interest or general character-based relational writing as Quantum of Solace — the “mastermind all along” cliché is warring for this genre, I tell ya! I couldn’t care less too about Spectre’s homages to Dr. No and more notably From Russia With Love, considering it tries to balance them with the classic Craig formula in such an indecisive manner. 

At least I got to see Christoph Waltz talk about meteors for a minute; that was something? But then that joke of a climax and finale happens after it. The first half of this movie is like Skyfall really when compared to its atrocious second half, which I’d go as far as to say is inferior to even Quantum of Solace’s second half. I know, yikes. 

Verdict: D+ 

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