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  • The King

    The King


    "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" was on TCM the other night. I re-watched a little bit of it, and then I had this brilliant idea that I wanted to make a new adaptation of it, but I don't like any of Edward Albee's dialogue, so I'm going to dump it all and write my own. It's going to ROCK, and I don't see how I could possibly fail. It's not like Albee's dialogue had anything to do with the success…

  • The Enchanted Cottage

    The Enchanted Cottage

    Just gross.

    A swoony 1940s melodrama that basically assumes all Americans are so superficial that no one but an ugly person could possibly love a comparably ugly person.

    Of course "ugly" in this film is defined as a man with a scar and a slightly droopy face (despite the fact that in all other ways he looks exactly like Robert Young) and a woman with no makeup and a propensity to find the one spot in the room with the…

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Chalk it up to extremely low expectations because I think Ron Howard is about the most pedestrian, boring director ever, but I really enjoyed "Solo: A Star Wars Story" as the minor diversion that it is.

    I'm a huge "Star Wars" fan, but I'm not slavishly devoted to the canon, and I'm fine with folks taking the series in new and different directions. (I liked a lot of what Rian Johnson did with "The Last Jedi" for example). But anyone…

  • Eat Pray Love

    Eat Pray Love


    The rise of blogs has created a culture in which every Tom, Dick and Harry is able to make every minor inconsequential thought that pops into his head known to the entire world and consequently convinces him, and perhaps some of his readers, that what he has to say is far more important than it is.

    The blog culture is also responsible for movies like "Eat Pray Love," a pointless movie about an affluent, privileged woman's quest to "find herself,"…