Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

There's a scene in this film where a character gets revenge on a supposed enemy of the sisterhood or whatever (she doesn't believe that the main character's best friend was raped in a diabolically plotted farce one could only label a conspiracy because sexual assault is clearly instiagted by some boardroom of cartoon villains lol) by gaslighting her into thinking SHE was raped (our "hero" roofies her then hires someone to take her to a hotel room) and somehow this movie thinks it's progressive. Exploitation is inherently transgressive so robbing it of its grit by "elevating it" with some half baked bullshit neoliberal platitude from a woman who clearly does not understand systemic misogyny or the traumatic effects of sexual assualt means you end up with an offensive, toothless mess that unintentionally revels in its misogynistic violence. Every man who instigates rape culture is portrayed as the incel stereotype (most of the performances are hideously overwrought) so it further distances the audience from the very real threat that rape culture imposes. And the ending literally only functions if the viewer believes that the police/American justice system is effective enough to settle the situation. So of course this is full of reverent needle drops and candy colors. And of course it's made by the woman who neutered the fun of lesbian sex for prestige tv. One of the worsts of 2020 and probably one of the worst of the decade.

Films from nearly half a century ago are more effective at dissecting rape culture than this.

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