• nova

    grace was right

  • jared


    "I'm going to art school in Boston" HAHA, WHERE? MASSART? LMAOOOOO

  • justmiaslife


    Such was so 90s, both in the best and worst way possible, but it completely hit the mood i was in. Also: In 1995 it was probably woke to show the sign of the Trump plaza...i guess you shouldn‘t do that anymore 🤭

  • matt


    i want to live in this world so bad

  • pau


    i think this is one of my favorites now

  • aldo<3


    this is the representation of the EPITOME of the 90s, very entertaining considering it all literally occurs in one day!
    costumes are just... *chefs kiss* perfect

  • Jodie


    joe: are you okay
    his employees: shut up

  • ambar


    yes im bisexual how did you know?

  • mia


    there's absolutely nothing special about this movie but idk it's so cool so nice i love the vibes

  • Jack


    my high school job working at a christmas tree farm was nowhere near as dramatic as this

  • dill


    oh to work in an independent record store and just vibe all day

  • 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚🧚

    this movie made thirteen year old me think having a part time job would be this fun....oh how i was wrong.