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  • Indiamore



    This film is perfect for music nerds to extract some inspiration from the revolutionary approach to harmony. This is a wonderful piece of art when you break it down to small details and look at them through a specific angle, mostly sonically. The harmony skills of Chassol are undeniable and he can always pick up an unexpectable part of the speech, noisy Indian environment or some next a capella song from a taxi driver or street musician. "Music Is My…

  • Anna and Elizabeth

    Anna and Elizabeth


    There should be a remake for this film because this is somewhat old and not very stylish, but the idea is just so perfect for a psychological drama focusing on crowd psychology.

    Everything here calls for a remake. This film is not bad though.


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  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then


    A unique piece of art, I have never seen anything similar, the idea of the repeating sequence seems like a silly idea first but as it goes further it leads to a terrific experience that is open to numerous interpretations.

    One of the most interesting films I've seen so far.

  • Blue Mountains, or Unbelievable Story

    Blue Mountains, or Unbelievable Story


    What an amusing satire of bureaucracy! Although for a film like this the translation is very important, hence I'm afraid that some typically Soviet official eloquence might get lost in English translation, so God knows if the quality is on point in English. The film is in Georgian, but Russian translation is funny and feels like an original.

    Pretty much the light comedy version of "The Fool" by Yuri Bykov.