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  • Indiamore



    This film is perfect for music nerds to extract some inspiration from the revolutionary approach to harmony. This is a wonderful piece of art when you break it down to small details and look at them through a specific angle, mostly sonically. The harmony skills of Chassol are undeniable and he can always pick up an unexpectable part of the speech, noisy Indian environment or some next a capella song from a taxi driver or street musician. "Music Is My…

  • Penance



    So basically Kiyoshi has exposed us again. Deep psychology cinema work from the master, pretty convincing to get disappointed in humanity... I have to big up the novelist Kanae Minato as well, I've never read it, but it is most likely she was writing about the topic that Kiyoshi can handle like a true professional in a video format, so when I say "Kiyoshi", no doubt I also put some respect on her name.

    I must say I really hated…

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  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then


    A unique piece of art, I have never seen anything similar, the idea of the repeating sequence seems like a silly idea first but as it goes further it leads to a terrific experience that is open to numerous interpretations.

    One of the most interesting films I've seen so far.

  • Taurus



    What a great film, I think it's much more subtle & interesting than Moloch[1] almost in every case, maybe Sokurov is naturally better with making a film about Russians.

    There are some definitely funny moments but now I listen to the melancholic works of Tchaikovsky, cause this film has got some sorrow behind it, anyone could end up living like Lenin. And lots of people do end up like this. What's worse is that one scene was almost exactly what I've…