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  • The Lady Eve

    The Lady Eve


    "One of us has to think and try and keep things clear. Maybe I can do that better than you can."

    Barbara Stanwyck works her seductive magic on a reserved and somewhat shy Henry Fonda, who is heir to an ale fortune (though he doesn't himself imbibe the nectar of the gods!). At first Jean (Stanwyck) pegs him for an easy mark. He's a soft spoken academic type who reads at a table in a club, oblivious to the many…

  • Johnny Guitar

    Johnny Guitar


    "When you boil it all down what does a man really need. Just a smoke and a cup of coffee."

    Johnny Guitar begins with a literal bang as our titular character rides a mountain path where explosives detonate, showering the passage with debris. One could be forgiven for initially assuming that Sterling Hayden's Johnny, having traded in his guns for the guitar slung across his back, with his western movie drawl and a look so iconic to the genre would…

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  • Supernova



    "There's nothin' I can do to change the past, yours or mine."

    I recently came across Supernova after becoming enamoured with the films of Walter Hill. I had done a quick filmography search and begun tracking down his 20 films. So imagine my surprise when my $3 dvd copy of Supernova arrived and the back of the box read "directed by Thomas Lee". Was this a mistake? Had I ordered the wrong movie by accident? I immediately took to the…

  • Election



    Election is solid dark comedy fare. Over achiever Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) runs for high school president. Initially she is unopposed, until the school's civics teacher, Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick) decides to throw a wrench in the mix in an attempt to keep her from getting what she wants for once. 

    Broderick shines as a completely pathetic little man, seething with resentment and insecurity. So much so that he fixates on a high school student and a meaningless election as…