Ford v Ferrari ★★★

Ford v Ferrari is a decent enough movie. The races are well filmed, the character development is solid (though that only goes so far when the characters aren't very interesting) and the pacing is overall pretty good. There are some strong, sentimental moments between Ken Miles and his family, and he and Shelby have genuine chemistry as friends. The film does a good job exploring masculine gender trappings and showing how these trappings can constrain genuine and healthy emotional expression. It also does a fair job at expressing pro worker sentiment at the expense of rich assholes. The problem, however, is it stops a little short of fully embracing this viewpoint. We see Henry Ford II as a clown, and easily manipulatable by his executives (or basically any strong force of will that can get into a room with him), but ultimately Ford is still in control. There is an obvious juxtaposition between the car as a machine that needs to be treated properly and respected and the humans who work tirelessly for Ford while he gets the credit and glory. Following this metaphor, the film seems to announce that, like the car, people have limitations. In this this case relating to upward social mobility. Ford v Ferrari seems to be saying that there is happiness and contentment to be found in one's position in life, but that it is hubristic to want to become more. This is where the film essentially falls a little flat. This one is certainly worth checking out, but ultimately falls  short of greatness. Disclaimer: I am not in any way a car person. This might be much, much better for people who are.

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