The Talk of the Town ★★★½

Leopold (Cary Grant) is wrongfully accused of a crime, escapes prison and takes refuge with Nora (Jean Arthur). There's just one problem, stuffy professor Lightcap (Ronald Colman) is taking up residence in the very home that Leopold has just hidden himself in. 

This type of wacky premise is, of course, kind of perfect for Grant. Colman manages to keep pace and be the straight man to great effect in a way that would likely negate Grant if it weren't for Jean Arthur sneaking around and balancing them both out in such delightful ways. I really wish the whole movie consisted of just this situation. It was a ton of fun watching Arthur try and keep Colman from discovering Grant through a series of escalating zany hijinks. However, the movie moves on from this and into decidedly blander territory as it unfurls and embraces the far less interesting "which man will she choose" storyline. 

That first act though, it's a blast. The rest? Still more than worth it for the three lead performances but it does feel like it loses some steam as it progresses.

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