Before Sunset ★★★★★

definitely my favourite of the trilogy, although it did take a third rewatch to establish before sunset as marginally more meaningful to me than before sunrise. the dialogue is flawless, particularly in the car scene which breaks me every time i hear jesse's dream monologue. where previously the main characters relied on chance to bring them together, this time their circumstances force them to make a choice, making before sunset even more romantic than its former film in my eyes because with purpose they defy what would be simple and conventional to continue life in the dream-world of their own creation, pursuing the blissful mirage of their past into the future despite seemingly being kept apart by fate. only through faith can we sometimes manifest what we desire and reject our predestined path, and celine and jesse keep me in awe of the durability of their faith and their ability to each preserve even the tiniest slither of hope, lasting 9 years and existing an ocean apart.

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