A͈͙ͅn̯͚̯̠͓̖̜g̨͈̖̻̞ͅr͍̞͔͜y̳͕͙̬̩̣̻ G҉͖̹̺̳̪̦̦h̼̮o̗͇̫͔̫͍͞s̡t̢ ͕͎͎̥̣̯͎͢K̠̫̤̼̣̺i̝͍̼̣͎̩͓͢d

A͈͙ͅn̯͚̯̠͓̖̜g̨͈̖̻̞ͅr͍̞͔͜y̳͕͙̬̩̣̻ G҉͖̹̺̳̪̦̦h̼̮o̗͇̫͔̫͍͞s̡t̢ ͕͎͎̥̣̯͎͢K̠̫̤̼̣̺i̝͍̼̣͎̩͓͢d

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  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Host
  • Blood Quantum

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  • Blood Theatre

    Blood Theatre


    Definitely a "so bad it's good" type of movie, helped out by the RiffTrax guys.

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    I can see why people seem to really love this movie, because it is filled with beautiful shots, lovely locations, and great acting. Even the premise of the story was interesting. Alas, it seems that this movie just wasn't for me. I found it to be too slow at times, and while the lovely character development was, well, lovely, this movie just ever gripped me.

Popular reviews

  • The Psychic

    The Psychic


    November Horror 2020
    19. This Italian director once said, “I am not a criminal because I make horror films. A lot of Italian genre directors are animal lovers. Mario Bava loved cats, Riccardo Freda loves horses, and Dario Argento loves himself.” Watch one of this directors films.

    This month's challenge is definitely forcing me to spend more time with the Italian horror genre, and I am loving it! This movie, directed by Lucio Fulci, is one that I had not…

  • Ænigma



    February Horror 2021
    [14] It's Valentine's Day! Put on something absolutely lovely that is tagged as both romance and horror 💕

    This was a strange one. I really enjoyed the premise, but I felt a little let down in the end. I felt like this could have had a lot more revenge in it, and yet it seemed distracted by "dudes banging college chicks".