Night of the Bloody Transplant

Night of the Bloody Transplant

November Horror 2020
15. Watch a film starting with the same three words as George A. Romero’s first and most popular film.

Ooof. This was a rough one. This movie exists solely on the fact that the creators said "Hey, I have access to actual open heart surgery can we make a movie around that?"

This one was just bad. From the flat lighting and scenery, to the amateur acting, to the bad writing, to the scenes that go on way too long in clubs. And the sound leveling would tell me that the musicians are the ones that were working the sound board, as every seen has dialog that is drowned out with music.

If anyone knows anything about this movie, I would love links. This one truly felt as if it was funded by the musicians (as they all appear in the credits and get screen time) and someone that had access to medical footage.

But boy, this was a chore to work through, and I LOVE cheap and bad horror. I can forgive a lot of things. But this was work.

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