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  • Mute



    Phil's "Films That Probably Should Have Been Released In The Cinema" weekend continues with this from Duncan Jones.

    Right. Moon was a proper slam dunk, Source Code a great slice of fun. Haven't seen Warcraft yet so now we have this.

    Saying "it's a bit Blade Runner isn't it?" is the obvious first comment but also pretty vacuous because, lets be honest, everything is a little bit Blade Runner. When you make a film that iconic that tends to happen.…

  • Annihilation




    I think I need to see this one a few more times to get my thoughts in order about this one. Ex Machina I really enjoyed but that one was a bit more straight to the point.

    This is a twisty fellow and no mistake both in it's structure and in it's story. Weird alien thing needs investigating by Natalie Portman and a team of other scientists who then have weird things happen to them, sounds pretty simple.


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  • Sightseers



    It's like The Trip only with more murders. And caravan sites rather than hotels. And the leads are two people who might be perfect for each other rather than two grumpy comedians. It's not like The Trip at all.

  • Biggles



    The best film version of Biggles.

    ...alright, the plot makes no sense and quite how the American guy turns into a gung ho action hero so quick is anyone's guess but, my God, the music.