Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★½

This is probably my second favourite Marvel film (after The Avengers). It's way better than the first outing that put pretty much all of the best Captain America bits into a montage. Here we get way more action and get to see Captain America at his best. Given that, he's not always in his costume and for a fair amount of time he's on the run in his civvies. It gives this a different feel to the rest of the Marvel films.

The main cast are pretty much spot on now with Black Widow and Nick Fury playing more of a part in the proceedings. It's not all positive though. The city setting is starting to get a little tired after Iron Man, The Avengers et al. And the aerial finale also feels very familiar.

Despite all that it's a lot of fun and I'd be quite happy to watch another (just change the setting please).

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