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  • American Fable

    American Fable


    First notable thing about American Fable that came into my head was that the acting and dialogue was pretty bad. The way the characters deliver exposition about themselves and the plot was unnatural and Kip Pardue, who's this mixture of Daniel Tosh and James Franco, gave a pretty jarring performance. So the movie starts off with these two flaws being dreadfully apparent and that gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

    However, as the plot builds up and the…

  • Memento



    I initially thought the whole reverse order thing might be a gimmick, sort of the way Pulp Fiction's scrambled narrative was (not that I'm saying that's a bad film at all), but it turned out that Memento wouldn't work any other way. It's non-chronological order is what makes the mystery, and it allows the film to unfold in such a fascinating way that is absolutely gripping.

    What really makes it all work is the editing. Nolan always seems to have…

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  • Arrival



    When Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) enters the alien vessel for the first time, it's stunning. You feel how claustrophobic it is inside her suit, you can feel how dizzying it is being there next to something so giant and otherworldly, you can feel how nauseating it was for the characters to jump into the warped gravity and looking straight ahead when you should be looking down. The haunting music plays and you get these goosebumps, and you feel like…

  • Logan



    Logan's R rating feels completely natural. The violence and cursing isn't used as a way to be edgy or dark but simply to show us the brutality of Wolverine's abilities. That works completely with the character too as he's always been less morally sound than other X-Men characters. So to see the blood and guts on screen as Logan slashes his metallic blades through people's skin and to hear him drop the F bomb every other sentence is immensely satisfying.…