American Fable

American Fable ★★★★

First notable thing about American Fable that came into my head was that the acting and dialogue was pretty bad. The way the characters deliver exposition about themselves and the plot was unnatural and Kip Pardue, who's this mixture of Daniel Tosh and James Franco, gave a pretty jarring performance. So the movie starts off with these two flaws being dreadfully apparent and that gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

However, as the plot builds up and the film develops its atmosphere, it becomes a very emotional drama thriller and lightly surreal dream with beautiful cinematography. To add to that, the film is riddled with what I believe are allegories pertaining to childhood and the state of America. I don't exactly know what exactly the film is an allegory of, I'm gonna need to rewatch it at some point and read some analyses, but I'll tell you what I felt was pretty clearly discussed:

We use fables and tall tales as a way to teach the children about the world. But the world is complicated and full of moral conundrums and ethical gray areas. American Fable is about a child realizing this and trying to decide for herself what is right; if you're a mouse, is it okay to rescue a lion even if you know that lion will most likely eat you afterwards?

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